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Aleks' POV, c. July.

I groaned as the doorbell rang. I stretched, and my back popped a little bit. I put down the game - I had enough of it anyways.

"Open the doooooor..." a familiar voice rang out.

Eddie, no doubt. I muttered something under my breath, then strolled over to the pale white door. I turned the knob and there he was, looking a little down, but still his hyperactive self.

"What the fuck do you want?" I said, a bit loudly, considering he looked quite sad. Definitely not the tone I was going for. I tried to look as tired as possible - I really didn't want to talk to him right now, not after what happened a few weeks ago.

Oh, I'm sorry, you don't know what happened a little bit ago? I'll explain...

Eddie and I were hanging out by the city park, chattin' about Sims, Minecraft, Borderlands, basically anything we could think about. Then a jerk decided to come over to us. We both looked at him, just waiting for him to talk. He only smirked.

"So, Eddie, finally got yourself a boyfriend, huh?" The guy eyed me, and stared at me for a while. "Or should I say... girlfriend?

Eddie looked quite shocked, but to be honest, I was too. His face turned pink, then looked at the guy that approached us. I decided to keep a low profile -- I don't want to be hacked again.

Now why would he think that? I thought to myself, all the possibilities swimming around in my head.

"U-uh... He's not my girlfr-," Eddie stammered. "-boyfriend, whatever you say, he's just a very close friend of mine..." Eddie looked down, probably thinking what else to say, based on his reddened face.

"You know this guy?" I whispered to Eddie. He looked at me for a bit, then nodded in regret. Long story, he mouthed.

"W-Who are you, jerk?!" I stuttered, attempting to make eye contact with the, exceptionally tall - I realized, dude that was staring me down.

"I'm Justin - what about it?" He spat out like he had no other words to spit out at me.

Well, this Justin person was messing with my 'best' friend, is he being serious?

"What do you want with Eddie?" I exclaimed, feeling satisfied, hearing the confidence in my voice.

He looked at me and mouthed, Next time...

Justin walked away like nothing had happened. I noticed Eddie was tearing a bit. I attempted to try to tell him something to comfort him, but couldn't find the words. He sniffed, looked me in the eye, and just walked away also. I saw the limp in his step. Eddie didn't know what to say, didn't know what to do, I guess.

Which left me a lot to think about.

Anyways, back to the story.

"Oh, hey Aleks. 'Sup?" Eddie said, trying to hide the regret I knew he had inside.

I motioned to the game console laying on the living room floor, nearly hidden with all the clutter I had in there. He nodded in approval and slid past me, the tiniest electric spark between us. Eddie plopped on the couch and stared at the walls, like he was thinking heavily. I rolled my eyes (which was a bit rude, come to think of it) and strode over to the leather couch, then sat down next to him.

"What's up with you?" I croaked, my voice cracking the slightest bit.

He shrugged. Eddie was probably thinking, possibly as hard as I've been, considering the bags... on his face... that's abnormal for him, I thought. Something wasn't right here. He didn't usually stay up that late. I hadn't seen him after that incident in the park, either.

"I've been feeling lonely lately... you know, no one to mess with, no one to comfort you, no one to run errands while you're doing important shit..." Eddie sighed. That really tore at my heart.

... and there was that feeling again! I couldn't think properly. Thoughts were hurling through my mind, unable to settle on one topic. It only happened near him, too. I tried to think of what to say, but I couldn't.

Eddie looked at me, the sleepiness catching up with him.

"U-uh... yeah..." I stammered.

What am I thinking?! I murmured.

Eddie's POV

Aleks returned the gaze. I felt immense comfort. I always feel better around him, most of the time... I felt extreme sorrow, tiredness, all the feelings you don't like, other than nauseous feelings. A smile tugged at the corners of my face. I wanted to just hug him - we were alone, and all. But what would he think?

Would he think I'm a weird-ass gay freak? I sniffed.

Suddenly, my stomach churned and hurled around. I tried not to make a nauseous face.

"A-Are you okay, Eddie... ? You look a bit..." Aleks started.

"Sick... I know." I continued, and rubbed my eyes. "I haven't got as much sleep lately - can I stay here or something...?"

Aleks sputtered a bit. "Why not?"

His pale lips tugged upwards, forcing a smile on his face, which I found slightly creepy.
He gestured to the bedrooms, then looked at his phone, probably to check the time. Aleks nodded and strolled to the bedroom, looking back, then making a "come on" hand gesture.

I shrugged and followed him to the bedroom.

Let me tell you something... it wasn't what I had expected.
Finished! Hope you guys enjoy the first chapter.

Preview picture belongs to :iconlalalala3:.
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